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Reincarnation documentary ‘Unmistaken Child’

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Photo: Lama Kongchog's young reincarnation

Lama Kongchog’s young rein­car­na­tion in Nepal. Photo: Tenzin Zopa

The Buddhist con­cept of rein­car­na­tion, while both mys­te­ri­ous and enchant­ing, is hard for most west­ern­ers to grasp. Israeli film­maker Nati Baratz uses the story of monk Tenzin Zopa’s search for the rein­car­na­tion of his own mas­ter to exem­plify the power of that con­cept. Unmistaken Child is a new doc­u­men­tary that sim­ply fol­lows Tenzin Zopa as he embarks on what becomes a four-​​year search by foot, mule and heli­copter for the rein­car­na­tion of Lama Konchog, a world-​​renowned Tibetan mas­ter. Christal Smith speaks with writer and direc­tor Baratz about the jour­ney, the chal­lenges, and the mixed reac­tions from Westerners grap­pling with this very dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive on life after death.


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