Tashi Delek,

Tibet Connection will be back soon with new vigor and approach to connect you with Tibetan religion, culture, tradition, politics and entertainment. Now you will not only read but also see various aspects of Tibet in exile and also from within Tibet.

One big leap is that TIBET COMMUNICATIONS has taken over TIBET CONNECTION.

Tibet communication is the pioneer news organization that initiated SARGYUR, the first news video of Tibetan people, in 1994. Watch the above statement by H.H the Dalai Lama on the launch of Sargyur. It is inspiring. You can soon enjoy all the issues of Sargyur and Tibet Connection reports under our archive section.

Tibet connection is unique because it began as as a radio show and podcast in English which was broadcast over 150 syndicated networks in America. The team worked hard to build it. However, as all things change Tibet connection will have a new incarnation. What will continue is innovativeness and enthusiasm to connect our audience to Tibet.